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The Gillard Palace Coup: What It Tells Us About The (Concealed) Nature Of Australian Politics.

The appointment of Julia Gillard as Prime Minister has nothing to do with a government losing its way or bad opinion polls. It was not a cosmetic exercise, but one born in the belly of the system.
Basically, the putting aside of KRudd by the Labor Party shows anyone with an inquiring mind how politics works in Australia. It is about the exercise of power and it shows that power does not reside in parliaments but with the wealthy elite and the foreign states with ‘shares’ in the safe and efficient running of Australia Inc.
The Mining Tax
The multinationals which operate in Australia pay no company tax. Fact. Via the 50 year old dual tax agreement, they pay no direct taxes. Many mining companies here are branches of the multinationals. However, KRudd set out to tax ‘Australian’ mining giants. Call it a blunder or simply a desire to balance his budget, but like the whitless Gough Whitlam who wanted to know what went on inside the American base at Pine Gap, there are some things that Australian prime ministers cannot do and are not permitted to think about.
One section of Australian capital considered that it was being asked to shoulder too much of the burden of upholding their own appointees in government . They rebelled. The billionaire mining oligarchs refused the supertax levy.
So, a government changes and Gillard ‘backs down’ to the oligarchy.
It was almost automatic.

Chinese Imperialism Had A Hand In Government Change?
It is well known that KRudd was - and is - an enthusiast for all things Chinese. The Chinese Vice President was in Canberra just at the time of the palace coup. His concern? Mining contracts. Anything that delays or frustrates the supply of cheap Australian minerals to the Chinese moloch is a threat to the increasing power of China in Australia. Chinese imperialism demands security for its investments as all imperialisms have done in history.
Australia is a resources pawn in a globalised market. Australia is competed over as foreigners stake out their claims and draw out the national wealth. The mining oligarchs, particularly the repulsive Clive Palmer, all kowtow to China which purchases ‘their’ minerals, to their profit. They targeted KRudd. Gillard now looks forward to the continuance of the boom and welcomes the increasing interest of China in Australia
It was almost automatic.

Then, It’s Israel Again
It is publicly known that Julia Gillard’s live in lover Tim Mathieson works in property development and that he is employed by the Ubertas Group. This company is the creature of Albert Dadon, founder of the Australia Israel Forum. It was this Forum that sponsored Gillard to Israel last year where she sang the Zionist line on Middle Eastern politics.
As for KRudd, he had recently committed another ‘mistake’. He had criticized Israel (an entity he really loves as the false ‘Christian’ Zionist he is) over the Gaza blockade and the Israeli state murder of Turkish civilians on vessels serving in a Gaza relief mission. Again, too much public criticism of Israel cannot be tolerated – even from a fair weather toady.
Mr Dadon is close to prominent pro-Israel Labor MP Michael Danby, who was influential in the palace coup that installed Julia Gillard as Prime Minister. The Zionist fraction of Australian Jewry looked to Danby to ensure the Australian state lines up with Israel in its terror against the Palestinians and for its position on Iran. How the Zionist worm turns in Australian politics!
The Gillard government will stay the killing course in Afghanistan. It will support Israel. It will not seek the nuclear disarmament of Israel, but it will threaten war with Iran over a peaceful nuclear energy program.
It was almost automatic.

The Population Issue Explodes
Then KRudd became a little too open in his scheme for a “big Australia” – 36 millions, 50 millions, millions. It was bad to be too free with the truth when the voters get nervous.
So, crash, bang, out goes KRudd and in comes concerned Julia who even appoints a “Sustainable Population” minister to handle immigration.
A neat package. The public is to go back to sleep.
It was almost automatic.

When We Sum It All Up….
When we put it all together Australia has no real independence and Australian politicians are creatures of whomsoever – pays! It is a rich man’s government that bens over to the foreign interest.
That there was a palace coup suggests that Australian politics will become increasingly unstable and dictatorial. We learn where power truly lies.
The Australian people’s movement for national independence must address these issues. Not just the oligarchs of the mining industry, but all the czars of money must be put aside that democracy can grow in Australia!

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott ‘Tough’ On Immigration / Refugees?

Bullshit Me Once Shame On You ; Bullshit Me Twice, Shame On Me!
A game is being played. It has been on foot since the emergence of Tony Abbott as ‘Opposition Leader’. The Liberal Party has pretended to be a critic of the “border security” policies of the Labor government and has further argued for a “sustainable immigration program”. Yeah. Yeah. At no point have the Liberals demanded an end with immigration, nor have they said a firm ‘No’ to refugee intakes. And we would have expected nothing less from them. Under John Howard, the Liberals boomed immigration to dizzying numbers. The Liberals know that the ‘end’ of the policy – is to affect a change in Australia’s demographics. The question for the Liberals has been to stymie community fears over such a monstrous thing dispossessing the Australian People in their own country. Will we Australians become a minority in our own country within 50 years? Is the attack upon our national identity (in education, media, politics, cultural institutions) part of this change in our status? When do we become “part of Asia”?
The significant new development is that Labor has joined the Liberals in this game! In words at least, Labor has expressed concerns (sic) at the direction of the immigration program at its size, at the effects on urban infrastructure and so forth.

The Gillard Putsch Signals Fear Of The People.
The new Julia Gillard government has responded to mass voters’ worries stated during a recent State by-election in New South Wales. Liberal and Labor activists reported the mood of the community on immigration and population policy, on border security and refugees - was poisonous to the LABER-AL machine. It could produce maverick behaviour at the polls (not just in outer suburban Sydney either) and in the community – precisely the intention of the Australian people’s party – Australia First!
The Labor government now seeks a “sustainable” population level for Australia and is not necessarily in favour of the “big Australia” that KRudd talked about. Yeah. Yeah.
So now, both sets of liars are immigration critics!
The Sydney Morning Herald editorialised on June 30:
“Julia Gillard’s foray into population policy has a touch of John Howard about it. The former Prime Minister was adept at subtly using the public’s fears of uncontrolled immigration – talking and acting touch about a small number of boat people while simultaneously arranging a large immigration intake. It was an effective tactic to sidestep the xenophobia among sections of his supporters, although many will demur at its cynicism. Gillard, by implying criticism of the Rudd governments supposedly arbitrary population targets of up to 40 million people, and adding the word ‘sustainable’ to the title of Tony Burke’s population portfolio, is playing a similar game? Let us hope a game is all it amounts to.”
Was this a case of honest journalism from an Establishment paper?
We say that it is a ruthless and cynical game. But can LABER-AL pull this off? Gillard gives her new line and Abbott says it’s not hard enough and is just dreamed up policy spin. Why believe Julia? Then vote for Tony – he said it all first. Yeah. Yeah. A double game!
The Sydney Morning Herald does tell us a couple of things. People are worried. People may react. The game is being played. The paper is worried the game might get out of hand. And it can! All the lies in the world do not necessarily mean that the voters, the people, can be absolutely fooled this time. Have people realised: bullshit me once, shame on me; bullshit me twice, shame on me?? It’s a bit late for a John Howard ‘children overboard’ Tampa crisis. So it’s cooked up in a new way, with sober pollies reacting to what voters say about the population crisis.
However, population is only part of the story. It’s not just about people – but what people. Both faces of the LABER-AL machine are dedicated to the Asian Destiny for Australia, the ultimate breaking open of borders for labour and capital to move freely. We are warned. We are in peril. That the liars in Canberra would go down their new population-sceptical road suggests they are concerned the people may not be fooled.
Let’s prove that to them! Build Australia First Party, electorally and in the community as the party of the Australian People! No more bullshit!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

End Free Trade In Beef! Keep Mad Cow Disease Beef Out Of Australia!

The Australia First Party supports the rally, to be held at Parliament House Canberra on May 11, against: free trade in beef – against the import of Mad Cow Disease infected meat products into Australia!

Many groups and people are building this protest. Supporters include: the Australian Beef Association, the Hunter / New England Abattoir, the ‘Support Aussie Farmers: Say No To Imported Beef’ Facebook site (creator: Donna Morrison), Vida Thomson, a Canberra activist, Gabby Hughes a Wagga Wagga activist, various farmers and graziers from country Victoria, NSW and Queensland, the Australia First Party, the Australian Long Distance Owners’ And Drivers’ Association and many independent people.

Messrs Brad Bellinger and John Carter from the Australian Beef Association, will be speaking at the protest, along with Mr. J R McDonald of the Hunter New England Abattoir. There may be other speakers.

May 11 is Budget Day and a substantial media presence is expected.

This is a rally that will not be hijacked by the usual Liberal / National Party game-players who offer a few platitudes to the crowd. It is an independent demonstration of people concerned at the free trade policies that are supported by the major parties.

Assemble: 11th May at 9am Meet at Magna Carta Place in the Parliamentary Triangle.

Free Trade Can You Kill You! Say No To Imported Beef!

Mad Cow Meat :
You could be eating it, if you don’t protest!
We refuse to poison ourselves!

Don’t be fooled by a government promise that it will investigate whether BSE affected meat could ever turn up in Australia. BSE is better known as Mad Cow Disease. And it kills people.

It’s probably already here. And it can beat the quarantine tests that are going to be done now - and in the future.

There’s only one way to be sure: don’t allow beef and beef products to come into Australia from any country that has had an outbreak of Mad Cow Disease!

Class War On The Cattle Stations: What They Said A Few Weeks Ago: Free Trade Cuckoo Politics Grips Very Rich Cattlemen!

The biggest producers of beef in Australia want free trade so they can keep their export market. That means they don’t mind if foreign beef enters our market. If foreigners can do that, then they won’t keep our beef out of their countries. Crazy stuff! The Cattle Council, in supporting the government’s line in allowing free trade, said recently:

“The old BSE policy was not consistent with international rules. Under the previous rule banning sale of beef from countries that have had a case of BSE, if Australia were to be affected by an unlikely single case of BSE the results would be devastating for the sector and the economy. All beef could be removed from all domestic shelves at enormous expense, crippling the industry, and foreign markets could reciprocate by locking us out without scientific justification. Cattle Council found this arrangement totally unacceptable. These export markets were at serious risk if we did not change our BSE policy and we ever got a trade disruptive disease. Our markets could have shut us out and we would have no retaliation.”

Why allow imported beef anyway? The amount allowed in will grow over time. These imports will sooner or later destroy smaller Aussie producers. But that won’t worry the biggest cattlemen because they produce for export. Simple! Free trade can kill you and it will destroy thousands of Aussie graziers and farmers on the way. It will undermine regional cities and towns and destroy thousands of jobs.

If your family dies from contaminated beef, if regional Australia falls apart! That’s a high price for free trade!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We Pledge To Implement These Policies.

This is draft election policy for Australia First party in the 2010 Federal poll and for subsequent polls. The final version is yet to be approved. Our general programme is set out in the “Eight Core Policies” of the party; these policies are in accordance with these statements of position. What appears below is an electoral and community programme for action. It may be used as local circumstances permit in tandem with any purely local issue of community significance. Such policies may be added to if they are in accordance with the Eight Core Policies that guarantee the unity of the party around the idea of ‘Australia First’.

Eleven Points For Action

Australia First Party stands in this election with a programme for action and change for our country. Any Australia First representative elected is pledged to advocate these policies. The party is pledged to motivate the community generally to support these key demands to secure Australia’s identity, independence and freedom..

1. We demand that YOU the people should be represented in the parliaments and not be the victims of cynical, corrupt, and foreign-loyal party machines.

2. We demand the Implementation of Citizens’ Initiated Referendum and Voters’ Recall of parliamentarians, so that you the people can propose the laws and get rid of unresponsive parliamentarians.

3. We demand accountability for all politicians: for all those who have failed and corrupted Australia, sold the country to foreign states and agencies, or devoted themselves to globalisation; we pledge to nationalize their personal property and deny them parliamentary pensions and benefits.

4. We demand the promotion and rebuilding of Australian manufacturing and other enterprise and thence guarantee  - Australian jobs for Australian workers.

5. We demand the re-instatement of the Commonwealth Bank as originally intended to limit interest rates to a minimum charge and to eliminate the private control of the nation’s credit.
6. We demand the control of currency exchange rates to end speculation in the national currency and resources.

7. We demand the reform of taxation, its simplification to end the exemptions for the speculators, the multinationals and the super-rich.

8. We demand an end to foreign ownership and control of Australian real estate and Australian resources.

9. We demand: the end of all immigration for a long period on environmental, cultural, ethnic and security grounds ; the repudiation of all treaties on refugees ; the end of contract labour ; the end of residency  for foreign students; the end of multiculturalism.

10. We demand that the Australian transport industry be freed of bureaucratic control with the end of world-parity-pricing for fuel, the creation of an Australian fuel industry with a domestic fuel price and with public ownership of all roads and abolition of tolls. 

11.  We demand protection for Australian farmers by the provision of a guaranteed national market and pricing system, such that all food necessary to sustain the Australian People may be grown in Australia and regional Australia and its lifestyle be maintained.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Australia First Takes Initiative To Build The Patriotic Movement In Sunraysia

The Australia First Party has commenced activity in the Sunraysia region.

The party has adopted the patriotic Murray River Flag as its branch logo.

Citizens of Mildura in particular will become more familiar with the party name as ground-work activity begins.

The region has crisis problems and Australia First will address these issues.

The water problem is not solved by fortuitous rains in northern New South Wales. The party demands a modified version of the Bradfield & Clarence irrigation scheme's to drought-proof western New South Wales, Sunraysia and South Australia.

The Mildura Council’s ill-advised drive to impose Fluoride on the city has aroused community opposition.
We support that struggle.

Foreign agricultural products should not be welcome in Australia when our region is a key producer.

Contract labour has appeared in Sunraysia. This is an evil all Australian workers should reject and all Australian agricultural producers should shun.
We call for the re-organization of the region’s labour, to provide appropriate incentives to have our unemployed and our youth employed on our farms, to build our region.

Refugees are a sign of the culture-busting drive of the Australian government. We will work to make our region, to the limits of the law prevailing, a Refugee Non Welcome Zone.

Australia and Australians first!

This Blogsite will serve as a voice for a new nationalist politics in Sunraysia. It is a tool in this struggle and we call upon our readers for articles and information.

We wish to localize our nationalist politics, so our people here can appreciate what’s happening nationally by what they observe locally.
We wish to fight back!
We will work to mobilize all Aussies affected by the region’s crisis problems.
We seek former One Nation members and voters to resume the struggle and we call upon farmers who are rejecting the Nationals’ globalist agendas to look to us as a suitable vehicle.

Australia First Party will work with any legitimate community group (cultural, social, economic) that stands for the interests of the people of Sunraysia, to build at the local level a united front against globalisation and all its works.

Australia First Party can be expected to contest local government polls, both sides of the Murray henceforth.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Australia Day one and all!

Have a good day everyone, and a safe one.

The Riverina getting hotter!

Australia First's recent arrival in the Riverina has stirred considerable interest from the locals, media, rival Greens and even Griffith's Mayor!

"The arrival of Australia First Party in the Riverina is heating up the political temperature.

All those who favor contract labour and refugee privilege are lining up behind the local town political-economic mafias who prevail in many Australian regional towns. These little dictators take locals for granted and operate policies to their disadvantage. In The Griffith Area News and the Wagga Wagga Daily Advertiser, these local rabble are venting their fury at us. All to the good. We expect a welter of enquiries from across the region over the coming weeks."

More background on the controversy in the Riverina - 

 Mike Neville Traitor?

Weekend Advertiser 16.01.10

The state leader of a far right political party has endorsed the views expressed by an anonymous blogger who describes Griffith mayor Mike Neville as a "traitor".

Dr Jim Saleam heads the NSW Branch of the Australia First Party a Nationalists body with core policies that include reducing and limiting immigration and abolishing Multiculturalism.

While he would not reveal the identity of the author of the online blog entitled Australian Identity, which hits out at the regions cultural mix and use of contract labor, Dr Saleam said he was aware of the individual and fully supported what they had to say.

He said he had a long history with Councilor Neville and fully agreed with the bloggers sentiment that he is a "traitor" and has a love of contract labor. "I've actually had a lot of dealings with Mr. Neville going back about six years" he said. "We clashed over the contract labor issue and I was actually challenged by Dino Zappacosta to a debate, but he pulled out, so whatever the blogger had to say I am quite critical about Mike Neville".

Dr. Saleam, who has a PHD in politics said contract labor merely created jobs for refugees and migrants, pricing Australian born workers out of the market.

"It's a practice that's designed to drive down the price of labor, they say that's not true but that's exactly what it does," he said.

"The trade and contract labor attracts a type of evil character Australia can do without".
In Canberra yesterday to register AFP as a political party, Dr. Saleam said he was not concerned about being labeled a racist "Quite frankly my dear, I don't give a damn, I think it's well beyond that now, I don't have any malice in my heart," he said.

Wagga city councilor and Greens Party member Ray Goodlass was yesterday infuriated by some of the comments made on the locally written blog and by Dr. Saleam.
He said "the inclusion of an AFP representative on council could only be a negative for the residents of Wagga, with the needs and concerns of some community members not considered valuable. "I think that would be a really retrograde step," he said. "I think councilors need to be looking after all of their residents and the AFP would be very de-evolutionary and exclude members of our community". Posted by Australia First Party Queensland at 10:21 PM

A retort from Australia First Riverina

Australia First Will Be Built In The Riverina !

The Australia First Party (AFP ) is now upgrading its work in the Riverina. In the last few months, meetings have been held in Wagga Wagga to discuss the foundation of a party branch.
This blogsite has been initiated and members in other cities and towns, such as Jindera, Tocumwal, Griffith and Leeton have been alerted.The Riverina is under attack. The nationalists intend to defend it.
The attack is cultural and economic.
It is insidious.

Local traitors who follow the globalist agenda and who hope to share in its rewards, have set themselves against the Australian workers, farmers and small business people of this great area of Australia.
The most strident attack is the culture busting of our Australian community.
Traitor mayors like Mike Neville in Griffith relish the multiethnic/multicultural mess his city has become. Some years ago Mayor Neville was publically criticised by Australia First for his love of contract labour.
 Now his city reaps the rewards of contract labour: the murder of an Indian man recently who may have been involved in providing cheap contract labour and who may have been killed by others in the game.

In Wagga Wagga, the refugee influx has created two things (as we show here) : a permanently dependent welfare class and a cheap labour under-class.
Our identity will be defended and our standards upheld! That is the first task of Australia First.

The viability of the farmers of the Riverina is crucial to us all. These interests cannot be met under a regime that treats farmers' lands as factors in bizarre "carbon trading schemes" or as statistics in the balance of trade figures in a system we cannot control.

The economic base of our survival will be defended!

That is the second task of Australia First. Australia First calls on all patriotic people in the Riverina to join the party and build it as the possession of the Australian People in a new politics of self-defence.
Former members of One Nation, those who have repudiated the traitor class party known as "the Nationals", previously non-aligned people and new young voters and concerned people-all welcome in AustraliaFirst!

To Contact Australia First Party In The Riverina :e-mail us at:

Australia First Party ( Queensland )

Australia First Party ( Western Australia )

Australia First Party ( NSW )

Australia First Party ( Victoria )

Australia First Party ( Hunter )

Mildura - the little town that roared!

It seems that the local Anti-Fluoride campaigners are being heard, not only in the local 
community, but also in far flung corners of the planet - where like minded people are fighting similar battles to keep globalist bureaucrats from poisoning their water supplies with Sodium Fluoride (the main ingredient in rat poison!).

Mildura, the little town that roared needs your help

Mildura, the little town that roared

In a press release issued yesterday fluoridation fighters in Mildura, Australia sent a letter signed by fluoridation activists and several scientists from around the world, calling for the resignation of Dr. John Carnie, the Chief Health Officer for Victoria. Dr Carnie continues to force fluoridation on communities without giving them any opportunity to vote on the matter; without being willing to debate the issue in public and without answering basic questions submitted to him in writing by 20 professionals.

We want authorities in Victoria to know that the whole world is watching how they deal with this situation, so please consider adding your name to the letter sent to the Victorian Health Minister yesterday, details below. He will keep receiving copies of this letter with the new names added. To sign on to this letter please send your name and a one sentence description of who you are to me at and Daniel Zalec at . Daniel will be forwarding your names to the Victorian Health Minister and I will be keeping count this end so that I can share progress reports with you.
Thus you will have three numbers to watch over the next few weeks:
1) The number of donors in our fun/fund drives.
2) The total $ donated - remember our goal is $50,000 by midnight Dec 31.
3) The number of signers to the letter to Victorian Health Minister.
Thank you in anticipation of your support in both these efforts.
Paul Connett

Dr John Carnie.

PRESS RELEASE ? Friday, December 4, 2009

Demand for Dr. Carnie’s resignation
The Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura, along with other Victorian safe water groups, and a number of health and scientific professionals, are calling for the resignation of Dr. John Carnie, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer. The call comes as community discontent with the Government’s mandatory fluoridation policy grows.

Today, the following letter was sent to Victoria’s Health Minister Daniel Andrews.

Dear Minister Andrews,
We are outraged by your government’s continued efforts to force fluoridation on communities without giving citizens a chance to vote on the matter. In this matter the behaviour of Dr. John Carnie has gone beyond anything one would expect or should tolerate from a civil servant. Let us explain.
Most recently Dr. Carnie’s refusal to respond to the basic questions put to him by a number of Australian and international health and scientific professionals, in line with his “no debate policy,” has outraged many in Mildura and around the world.

While Dr. Carnie may truly and honestly believe that fluoridation is safe and effective, public health policy needs to be more than a belief system. It needs to be supported by honest and accurate science that can be defended when challenged. Dr. Carnie has:
a) made statements to the public which are inaccurate as well as others which are biased and misleading (see attachment 1)
b) refused to defend his beliefs in public debate (see attachment 2)
c) failed to answer direct questions addressed to him by Australian and international experts (see attachment 3).

Despite this he is still prepared to force this measure on communities, even when a sizeable number of people in those communities, who have researched this issue for themselves, have made it clear that they do not want to be forced to drink fluoridated water. The only way to determine whether such resistance to this measure is coming from a minority of the population or a majority is to give the electorate of each community the chance to vote on the matter. But this opportunity has again been denied to them by Dr. Carnie. This is a blatant example of the “arrogance of power.”

When politicians behave in this way, at least the electorate has a chance to make their feelings known at the next election, but Dr. Carnie is not a politician but a civil servant making his arrogance immune from normal democratic processes.
The only alternative for those who believe that Dr. Carnie is failing in his job to protect the health of the people, as exemplified by his unwillingness to answer basic questions on a practice he is prepared to force on them, is to seek his resignation. What other recourse do citizens have when their democratic rights are denied?

Thus, we call upon the Minister to set in motion proceedings which will examine this complaint and if he feels that it has merits to remove Dr. Carnie from his position forthwith.


Sunraysia targeted as dumping ground for "Troubled" African Refugee's


 Put Africans out of city, say police
POLICE are advising the Immigration Department for the first time about how and where to settle troubled African refugees.
Senior Victorian police have urged the department to settle Sudanese families in country towns such as Mildura and Sale, away from suburban Melbourne where young African men are being caught up in street crime.

The Australian understands that police first appealed to immigration officials last year following a spike in criminal activity among young Sudanese men, while Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon was attempting to play down the problem.
Sudanese gang violence escalated last September, with the fatal bashing of 19-year-old Liep Gony near Noble Park railway station, in Melbourne's east.
Police advised against settling Sudanese in "dysfunctional areas" such as housing commission flats in Melbourne's north and east, and a growing number of the 15,000-member state community are now living in Mildura, Sale and Wonthaggi.
"The influence of drugs and alcohol will not be there, and it will be much easier for kids and refugee families to adjust in rural areas," he said.
Dr Ahmed - a Melbourne University senior research fellow studying refugees living in rural Victoria and their city counterparts - said young Africans living in the country were more likely to perform better at school and get work.
While it was difficult to resettle refugees who were already living in Melbourne, he said the Brumby Government could offer them better housing and jobs to encourage them to move.

"You entice them by giving them opportunities," he said.
Victoria Police's multicultural liaison officer, Joseph Herrech said helping Sudanese refugees to settle in Melbourne was a challenge for immigration officials and police.

He said grouping the Sudanese together at times led to crime-related problems, and separating them often exacerbated their emotional hardship.
"We've recommended to Immigration that they be spread out slightly more," he said.

Other police recommendations to the immigration department include developing better pre-departure programs for humanitarian refugees to educate them more about Australian culture, the judicial process and the law-enforcement agencies.
Police sources have told The Australian that gangs involving Sudanese men, including African Power and the Bloods and Crips - inspired by the Los Angeles-based crime groups - have grown in numbers and become more of a concern in the suburbs of Collingwood and Carlton.
Former immigration minister Kevin Andrews decided to cut back the African refugee intake last year amid fears they were not "settling and adjusting" into Australian life.


The Voice - By Boat (Video)

In this episode we take a look at the growing problem of so-called asylum seekers making their way illegally into Australia waters and being cared for at your expense. In 2009 some 62 boats carrying 2,727 passengers made their way into Australian waters, how many will there be in 2010?

The only intelligent and far cheaper option than spending Australian taxpayer's money on housing the illegal aliens on Christmas Island and soon to be Darwin and then ultimately in the community is to protect Australia's borders but that is never going to happen as long as we have bleeding hearts in positions of power who care more about the welfare of foreigners than that of Australians. Charity begins and ends at home!

Link - More videos like this