Thursday, January 28, 2010

Australia First Takes Initiative To Build The Patriotic Movement In Sunraysia

The Australia First Party has commenced activity in the Sunraysia region.

The party has adopted the patriotic Murray River Flag as its branch logo.

Citizens of Mildura in particular will become more familiar with the party name as ground-work activity begins.

The region has crisis problems and Australia First will address these issues.

The water problem is not solved by fortuitous rains in northern New South Wales. The party demands a modified version of the Bradfield & Clarence irrigation scheme's to drought-proof western New South Wales, Sunraysia and South Australia.

The Mildura Council’s ill-advised drive to impose Fluoride on the city has aroused community opposition.
We support that struggle.

Foreign agricultural products should not be welcome in Australia when our region is a key producer.

Contract labour has appeared in Sunraysia. This is an evil all Australian workers should reject and all Australian agricultural producers should shun.
We call for the re-organization of the region’s labour, to provide appropriate incentives to have our unemployed and our youth employed on our farms, to build our region.

Refugees are a sign of the culture-busting drive of the Australian government. We will work to make our region, to the limits of the law prevailing, a Refugee Non Welcome Zone.

Australia and Australians first!

This Blogsite will serve as a voice for a new nationalist politics in Sunraysia. It is a tool in this struggle and we call upon our readers for articles and information.

We wish to localize our nationalist politics, so our people here can appreciate what’s happening nationally by what they observe locally.
We wish to fight back!
We will work to mobilize all Aussies affected by the region’s crisis problems.
We seek former One Nation members and voters to resume the struggle and we call upon farmers who are rejecting the Nationals’ globalist agendas to look to us as a suitable vehicle.

Australia First Party will work with any legitimate community group (cultural, social, economic) that stands for the interests of the people of Sunraysia, to build at the local level a united front against globalisation and all its works.

Australia First Party can be expected to contest local government polls, both sides of the Murray henceforth.

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